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TRC Recreation Adult Super Soft USCG Vest

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The Texas Recreation Super Soft Adult Life Vest is a soft, comfortable, long wearing, and easy to maintain. The vests feature high quality vinyl-coated closed-cell-foam construction and Kwik-Snap buckles. The life jackets are famous for being the first approved personal flotation devices (PFD) by the U.S. Coast Guard. Unlike nylon life jackets that remain wet? and constricting, the Super Soft Life Vests dry quickly, are light weight, and are comfortable for hours of continuous wear. The Super Soft Life Vests are the same life vests used by major water theme parks. This model is Adult Medium in yellow.
Automatic slot-back adjustments and kwik-snap buckles
US Coast Guard approved
Three safety belts with Kwik-Snap buckles
Made in the USA
Great for all your water and boating needs