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Spotlit Rechargeable Carabiner Light - Disc-o Tech

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Whenever you need a little light, the rechargeable SpotLit is there. Set in a secure stainless steel carabiner clip with a durable, weather-resistant body, all it takes is a little push to bring it to life. Featuring an innovative Disc-O Tech LED module, you can choose from four selectable colors of red, green, blue, or white, set any of those colors to glow or flash, or leave it in color-changing Disc-O mode to watch the colors smoothly blend from one to the next. Its built-in memory feature remembers your last color setting, automatically turning back on in that setting. Easy to clip and carry virtually anywhere, attach SpotLit to your keys, purse, zipper, backpack, and more. When the light runs low, charge it up via micro USB cable (not included) in 2 hours. Whether searching for something in your car, finding the right key for your door, walking around the campsite, or getting someone's attention from a distance, SpotLit is on your side.