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SOL Trail Ready Kit

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Gear up for your next hiking adventure with the SOL Trail Ready Kit. Packed with 15 survival essentials, you can hit the trail with confidence. A padded fanny pack with an adjustable waistband and 2 zipped pockets store all your gear. Wrap the reflective blanket around you to reflect your body’s thermal heat to keep you warm. Start a fire with the Tinder Quik and Micro Sparker or use the Tinder Cord to light your stove. Alternatively, use the Tinder Cord and reflective blanket to string up a shelter. Dry and clean off with the SOL TightPak Towel. Signal for help with the Slim Rescue Whistle and Reflective Mirror. Fix gear and gather food with the fishing-sewing kit and survival tool. Patch any holes with the mini duct tape roll. Navigate to safety with the liquid-filled compass. Safely explore new trails and old favorites with the SOL Trail Ready Kit.
  • 15-Piece Survival Essentials Kit: Gear up with survival essentials stored in a fanny pack with an adjustable waistband
  • Padded Fanny Pack: Padded for comfort with 2 zipped pockets and an elasticized, adjustable waistband
  • Keep Warm: Emergency heat-reflective blanket and fire-starting tools
  • Signal for Help: Slim rescue whistle and mini reflective mirror draw rescuers attention
  • Fix-It Kit: Sewing-fishing kit, mini duct tape roll, and survival tool can patch holes and gear
  • Navigate to Safety: Liquid-filled compass for stable, easy readings in the northern hemisphere