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Inova X5 Uv Led Flashlight

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Precision engineered for protection against the elements and extreme use, Inova LED flashlights offer visibly superior light projection and rock-solid reliability. Built to sustain years of tough use, no detail has been overlooked in creating flashlights of uncommon robustness and performance. The X5 UV LED Flashlight is no exception. The push-button endcap switch activates 5 modes of high, low, momentary high, momentary low, and lockout mode to prevent accidental battery drain. Its machined aluminum body holds 5 recessed UV LEDs, providing brilliant UV light that can be used for everything from crime scene investigation to ID inspection, scorpion hunting, vehicle leak detection, hotel room inspection, and beyond. No matter the task at hand, the Inova X5 UV flashlight will shine through with reliable, high quality UV illumination.