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Boker CID .45 Bolt Action Pen Ink

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This titanium version of the popular CID Cal .45 is heat colored by hand, giving each piece its own unique appearance. The color gradient taken on by the titanium in this procedure will vary greatly from pen to pen, in pattern and color distribution. The bolt action mechanism and click open and close will make it difficult to put this piece down. The flat pen head provides a secure thumb rest, making it an effective self defense tool as well. The Clip Integrated Design (CID) offers the advantage of easy placement in the pocket. The sturdy clip has minimal give to provide a comfortable draw resistance in normal tactical or denim pants pockets. Not a firearm.
Overall length: 5.00 in
Diameter: 0.48 in
Material: Titanium
Ink color: Black
Weight: 1.34 oz
Mechanism: Bolt-action
Lock style: