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Bloodsport Prosecutor Arrow 500 Spine 6 Pack

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Engineered for increased field-point accuracy, the Bloodsport Prosecutor offers archers a small diameter option to take down big game. Durable Rugged Wrap construction, Blood Ring technology and an ultra-stable R.O.C. 204 System ensure it will overcome any defendant. An R.O.C. is paired with each arrow. Also select from four different spines: 300, 350, 400 or 500.
  • .204 in small diameter for precise, deep hits
  • Incredible .004 in straightness
  • Blood Ring technology guides tracking
  • Ultra-durable Rugged Wrap construction
  • R.O.C. (Reliable Outsert Component) included with each arrow
  • Arrow length: 31 in, Inner diameter: .204 in, Straightness: .004 in
  • 6 fletched arrows