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Bloodsport Justice Bare Shaft Arrow 400 Spine 6 Pack

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The Justice introduces the small diameter arrow to Bloodsport's ever-growing line of hunting arrows. Its .001-inch straightness produces undeniable field-point performance, while Rugged Wrap construction shows no mercy in flight and on impact. Unwavering stability in an R.O.C. System optimized for the .204 diameter adds tremendous strength. Once he's down, Blood Ring technology directs your efforts for a successful recovery. For those wishing to make their arrows their own, this bare shaft option includes 12 bare shafts without any fletching so archers can customize to their liking. An R.O.C. insert/outsert component is included for every arrow.
  • Unbeatable .001 in straightness
  • .204 in small diameter for precise, deep hits
  • Blood Ring technology guides tracking
  • Ultra-durable Rugged Wrap construction
  • R.O.C. (Reliable Outsert Component) included with each arrow
  • Bare shafts for customization with preferred fletching