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ASP Palm Defender - ASP54959

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ASP Defenders are designed to professional law enforcement standards, using Aerospace aluminum construction. These precision machined aerosol dispersants have no sharp edges and are O-ring sealed to prevent leaking. All Defenders use replaceable aerosol inserts available in 10% Oleoresin Capsicum (HEAT) and Inert (TEST). Traditional chemical irritants are little more than specially loaded spray cans. ASP Defenders were specifically designed as a dispersion system for chemical irritants. Rather than filling a standard aerosol can with OC (Oleoresin Capsicum), Defenders incorporate a proprietary container, specially produced valve system and patented dispensing mechanism. They are precision machined from aerospace aluminum and solid brass. The entire unit is o-ring sealed.Discharging the system requires two separate and distinct operations to disengage the safety and activate the insert. Heat (OC) and Test (Inert) Inserts are replaceable. The Palm Defender contains three 1/2-second bursts and has an effective range of three feet. Includes oneHeat (OC) insert.
  • 6061 aluminum body
  • replaceable Heat (OC) or Test (inert) cartridge - Heat expiration dates marked on brass cartridge collar
  • Sabre Red OC formula
  • contains three 1/2 second bursts, effective range 3 feet
  • violet finish
  • Pepper spray can only be shipped by Ground freight services and cannot be shipped to AK, DC, HI, MA, NY, or non-contiguous US territories.