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About Us



Survive Outdoors is the official online presence of White Mountain Outdoor Enterprises. Our company was founded by lovers of the great American outdoors, for lovers of the great American outdoors. We believe that getting outside and experiencing all of the beauty and wonder that this unique country has to offer should be a national pastime. And that there is no better way to strengthen bonds between family and friends.

We recognize our top priorities as love of God, love of family, and love of country. And we will always operate the business with those core values at heart. We will always practice the Biblical principles of honesty and integrity in relating to all of our customers. We will always give our customers quality merchandise at a good price. And we will do everything that we can to instill pride and patriotism in every visitor to our website.

We also recognize however, that the world that we live in can be a dangerous place for those who are unprepared. With that in mind, we also seek to provide products and information for everyone to be ready when unfortunate disasters strike.

So whether you're new to the outdoor experience or a seasoned veteran, if you have a yearning to drink in the beautiful spacious skies or the purple mountains' majesty, we have what you need to get out and enjoy America the beautiful.